Jan 3, 2013

Christmas Vacation Part 2: Christmas Morning!

We arrived in Phoenix on Christmas Eve morning. We spent most of the day hanging out and getting ready for Christmas morning. The boys set out some sweet treats for Santa and just a few snacks for the reindeer:)
Christmas morning finally arrived and the boys waited patiently at the top of the stairs...
Lucky for the boys, Santa definitely made an appearance.
Levi got up so early because of the time change that he was already ready for a nap by present time.
Grammy and Pop Pop got some new plates for their brand new kitchen.
Asher got some awesome gifts as well...
Cully got just what he wanted...
Caleb did too!
But quite possibly the gift of the morning was this football helmet for Asher. He. Loved. It.
Once he figured out how to get it on, it was pretty hard to convince him to take it off:)
Just hanging out in the helmet.
...still has it on.
...still has it on:)

This last picture shows exactly what happened for the majority of the trip...lots of laughing and lots of cousin/ uncle wrestling.


More pictures on the way!


Jan 2, 2013

Christmas Vacation Part 1: Children's Program

We took approximately 347 pictures over Christmas time, so instead of making the world's largest blog post we are going to break it down.
First up is the children's program at church. Asher was in it this year and although he was one of the smallest guys up there, he did great!
Levi was one proud little brother! (Mommy and Daddy were pretty proud too!)
Here are a few shots of Asher participating in the motions...
This was our attempt at a family picture on Christmas Sunday. It didn't work:)
Grandma and Grandpa had much better luck!

Next up...Christmas morning in Phoenix!

Happy 2013!


Dec 16, 2012

Christmas in Ohio

We spent the night in Ohio on Friday night. We had a great time. Here are a few things that we did...
Asher drove Maizie's old car around the basement.

Asher also played in the basement with all of Mommy and Uncle Andy's old toys.

Levi did a lot of hanging out and looking cute.

We lounged.

We opened presents.
We opened more presents.
We opened even more presents
We napped.

We cuddled.

We admired how beautiful Mama is.
We laughed at Grandpa.
We climbed on Grandpa.
We had the best time.
Merry Christmas,

Mark, Allyson, Asher, and Levi

Dec 13, 2012


Where have we been? Good question! Here is a quick run down in no particular order...

Mark and I ran a 1/2 marathon. So glad we did it, so happy it is over!

We went to Ohio for Thanksgiving. Fun was had by all:)

We went to a Christmas parade. Asher had cotton candy for the first time. It basically changed his life:)

The boys took lots of baths. Bath time is really fun around here.

Mom came in for the week and we made lots of yummy Christmas treats and the boys had lots of fun Grandma time!

Asher is talking up a storm, cracking us up by the minute and becoming the best big brother Levi could have asked for. Levi is eating lots of "real" food, crawling, pulling up, and developing such a fun little personality.

We are headed to Ohio this weekend for an early Christmas and to Phoenix on Christmas Eve. We are so looking forward to all of the family time that is in our near future!

Merry almost Christmas!


Oct 15, 2012

Asher's 1st Buckeye Game.

Saturday was a big day for Asher. He went to his first big college football game! We were just a little excited...:)The Buckeye's were playing at IU and we weren't going to miss it. Dad, aka Grandpa, came over to go with us. Uncle Andy and Aunt Megan sent Asher an awesome jersey in the mail the other day. He looked perfect! As you can see by the picture he was so happy to finally be heading to the game!

Once we got to the game, we ate dinner by the car and headed over to the field. IU had a mini field area in one end zone where kids could play. Asher had a great time playing and seeing all the big boys warm up.



Oh....and Urban was just hanging around down by us too. We are on a first name basis:)

This was our view of the field. It was an UGLY game...but Ohio State won and that is all that mattered!

By the middle of the 3rd quarter Asher gave up:)

Love making memories with my little family:)